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Lots of twitch streamers use twitch live viewer bots. Before buying lots of streamers don’t research the bot systems. There are too many fake sites. So you should read this before buying twitch live viewers. Anyway, I just would like to talk about one of the bests. 


In my research, I decided the best one is Potibot. Why? Because I tested it. I bought a daily pack (also bought from the other service providers to compare them) and started a stream. other live viewer providers send viewers instantly. All of them started perfectly. But from time to time viewers down and joined again. this happened 2 or 3 times in an hour. This made me look stupid and unreliable. But when I used Potibot twitch live viewers, any viewer joined my stream at the beginning. And I wrote to support. They said twitch live viewers will join in 20 minutes one by one as organic viewers. I liked it so so much. Then I continued the broadcast. As the supporter said, viewers joined my stream, slowly, one by one. And there was no reduction during the stream. I bought 25 viewers but the system sent me about 40 viewers and manage them during the stream. As they said, AI controls viewers’ counts for you.


After purchase Potibot sent an access key to my email address. I logged in from the site and saw that there is an option to manage viewers’ count. You can change viewers’ counts when you are streaming. This is a big advantage because you can set different viewers’ counts for each streaming content.


On the website, you can buy twitch live viewers and followers. They don’t recommend followers packages because twitch periodically deletes fake followers. So they don’t recommend for their customers’ benifit.


Anyway, is one of the bests for me. I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading.

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