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Why should you get lip filler in Istanbul?


Due to the high competition and increasing volume of aesthetics clinics, lip injections prices are extremely low in Istanbul – Turkey. More people on nowadays are getting lip filler in Istanbul paying up to 60% off compared to the United States and United Kingdom. In general lip augmentation with dermal fillers is costing $275 per cc in Turkey, while it is around $750 in the US.


How much cc filler do I need for lip augmentation?


Usually around 1cc would be enough for increasing volume on lips. However, if a patient has extremely thin lips, she or he might need another refresher filler to achieve more plumper lips in Istanbul.

Jawline and Chin Filler in Istanbul-Turkey


Patients that are not content with their jawline or chin’s look may like to increase volume to this area. A non-operative option may be provided by jawline filler, an injectable kind of dermal filler. The age or heredity may result in a soft-looking jawline and jaw. The increase in chin, especially on your profile, can offer solid foundation, symmetry, balance and volume. Jawline contouring is a solution to inject into the skin using a dermal filler. They supply volume and encourage the formation of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


Does Jawline Filler Look Fake?


According to the Dr. Cigdem Ozden, for most people who see a physician, this is an important issue, whether they are looking for a facelift operation or an injection-free face rejuvenation. All want to seem younger, healthier and appealing, but few want to be false. Concern about the unnatural effects might discourage some people from following and planning their therapy. We will discuss how the effects may be made realistic and subtle using non-surgical injectable fillers as well as some advice.

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