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Before moving on to Residential Real Estate Disputes, let’s explain what residential real estate is and which properties it covers.

Residential property is real estate that individuals use to live, such as apartments, duplex apartments. It is not used for commercial purposes. Many problems related to these properties may be encountered that are difficult for civilians to solve. You should then collaborate with a real estate litigation lawyer.

Businesses such as real estate buying and selling or construction and renovation require great expenses. It’s not something that can be done often. Therefore, no one wants to experience problems, but unfortunately, this is often inevitable.

Frequently Encountered Problems in Residential Real Estate


These are some of the most common problems in residential real estate:

  • Dispute between buyer and seller
  • Dispute between contractor, subcontractor, and owner/tenant during renovation or construction

Problems that may arise in these matters are often brought to court. Working with real estate litigators is inevitable. However, the wisest thing to do is to consult a lawyer before problems arise and have a contract prepared with all the necessary clauses before any kind of agreement. Thus, it becomes easier to identify the party that does not comply with the articles during the lawsuit.

The Importance of Contracts


Having a contract prepared for purchase and sale or a contract that clearly states the expectations of the parties before construction and renovation prevents many problems that may arise later. By signing, both parties agree to abide by the contract. They know that if they don’t comply, they will be legal consequents.

Advantages of Working with Walker Lawyers Residential Lawyers


If you live in or near downtown Toronto, you can seek advice from Walker Law for residential real estate disputes. Quickly resolving a dispute between two parties, rather than protracted litigation, is the primary goal of property dispute lawyers at Walker Law.

Walker Lawyers can offer you solutions to problems in these areas:

  • purchase and sale contracts;
  • asset protection;
  • border disputes;
  • breach of lease agreements;
  • breach of trust;
  • building code disputes;
  • pending litigation certificates;
  • construction liens;
  • claims of deficiency;
  • removal of liens;
  • limitations;
  • evacuations;
  • inability to close;
  • fraudulent transport;
  • fraudulent mortgages;
  • interlocks;
  • misrepresentation;
  • non-payment of rent;
  • patent and hidden defects;
  • lien registration;
  • exemption from confiscation; and any other disputes that may arise.

To obtain counselling, call the Walker Law offices at 647-342-2334 or send an email to

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Residential Real Estate Disputes And Solutions

Why you should work with property dispute lawyers. Walker Law real estate litigators in Toronto.

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