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Paper bag bags are among the products of Monopack. It is in the Handless cardboard bag category Paper Papers.  Monopack paper bag is intended to cover the product.  Paper Bag is used by companies doing business in the retail and food sector.

Pouch paper and popcorn paper bag, which are among the types of cardboard bags used to provide hygiene procedure,  are a packaging material frequently used by companies that produce and sell bakery products such as bakeries and pastry shops.   You can find all kinds of information and support about printed or unprinted packaging paper bags from the website of Monopack.


According to the statement made by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, theProcedures and Principles for the Charging of Plastic Bags have been updated. Accordingly, with the article added to the Procedures and Principles for the Charging of Plastic Bags, chain markets and chain stores now have to keep paper, mesh or cloth bags and similar alternative reusable transport equipment next to plastic bags. The equipment will be placed near the cash register so that customers can see and easily access it. Businesses will be obliged to give this equipment to those who request it for a fee or free of charge.

Unprinted Bottom Paper Bags

Unprinted Brown Bottom Pouch Paper, Unprinted White Bottom Pouch Paper Bag is among the bag products with its two types. Bottomed pouch papers, which are used to cover the product placed inside,   also have the feature of cardboard bags. This product is often used by companies doing business in the retail and food sector, and the bottom paper bag is used by companies in many sectors to provide hygiene procedure.

Printed Bottom Paper Bags

Printed bags, which are preferred by many sectors from cosmetics to food, from shoes to textiles, from jewelry to glassware, from fair organizations to technology, are an advertising tool to increase brand awareness.

Monopack Company’s expert teams in the field of bottomed paper bags are made with extremely modern technology.   Monopack, which applies an attractive policy on paper bag prices, offers quality products at affordable prices.  You can find out the  wholesale prices of paper bags by contacting  Monopack.

Paper Bag Bag  usage areas

Due to the fact that Kraft paper has breathable pores, Kraft bags are used in foodstuff packaging.

All retail companies can use the bottomed paper bags. The main sectors  that use paper bags are as follows:

Food, Pharmacy, Textile, Nuts, Bakery, Cafe and Restaurants, Fast-Food, Ready-to-wear, Chocolate and Confectionery, Coffee, Stationery, Electronic Markets, Chain Markets are the main sectors that use. In bakeries, bread is used as paper bags.


MONOPACK serves with its production factory in Istanbul Esenyurt. With a monthly production capacity of 10.000.000 and quality approval, it ships orders on time. MONOPACK, which receives orders from all over the world, provides  its production with the best craftsmen and equipment in the world  . MONOPACK prioritizes customer satisfaction with its trusting service understanding.

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