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Today, we would like to share with you about the Acoustic Wall Panels, which you can encounter in offices, cafes, studios, theaters, cinemas and many more areas. Acoustic panels that provide superior performance to acoustic echo problems are products that you can find in many areas on the market. However, if you want to offer solutions to echo problems related to acoustic panels, you are not recommended to go down to very low prices. Otherwise, since acoustic products have decorative appearance, sponges or panels with no acoustic value are produced. But in the middle budgets, you can have a stylish look both by providing ambient acoustics and on your walls. Acoustic Wall Panels produced by Turkish Acoustic are produced by providing the use of acoustic sponges and acoustic fabrics produced with the highest quality raw materials. The fabrics used in the production of acoustic panels are world-class fabric of first quality. It can be produced after determining your sizes and fabric texture by contacting Turkish Acoustic for production in special dimensions related to your acoustic panel demands. You can safely apply acoustic panels to your walls by applying high-strength acoustic bands, without encountering problems such as sagging and dropping of acoustic panels on your walls.

We would like to share information about the models of acoustic panels, which are divided into many types, suitable for your usage area. Acoustic Wall Panels are not just a product type that should be applied to your walls. There are various types of screens that you can use on your ceilings, between the tables and even in the area. You can obtain hexagonal, pentagonal and oval forms rather than fixed rectangular shapes related to the panels you will apply to your walls. Since the products you will request in 3D will enter special production, you may have difficulty in finding ready stock. Therefore, you can request product manufacturing by contacting Turkish Acoustic with the products you have decided. Of course, you can realize the shapes you want to give to your walls of your dreams by sharing them with Turkish Acoustic. You can view the detailed information about these types of panels that can make use of your ceiling in echo problems, ambient acoustics by visiting the Turkish Acoustic website, and getting detailed information by contacting them. Some companies manufacture the products by making use of materials such as stone wool and glass wool. However, materials such as rock wool, glass wool, together with acoustic materials, will contribute to the level that you can not feel in ambient acoustics. All the materials used, including acoustic sponges in the acoustic fabric covered panels produced by Turkish Acoustic and acoustic fabrics on the outer layer, are certified by universities or acquired by TSE. You can review these certifications from the product pages by visiting the Turkish Acoustic website.

By applying Acoustic Wall Panels only on your walls, you may not be able to find a definitive solution to the sound clutter in the environment in some cases. Due to the fact that there are too many employees in areas such as call centers, as we know today, and continuous phone calls occur, situations occur in the environment that can cause sound waves to pass between the tables. In order to prevent this situation, you may not get definitive results only when you apply an acoustic panel on your walls. For this reason, if acoustic separator panels, another type of acoustic panels, are used between the tables, you can reach sharper results and contribute to your staff to work more efficiently. In this way, you can let the sounds go up to the ceiling by hitting the panels between the tables rather than reaching the side tables. You can get information about products suitable for your field by acoustic architects by contacting Turkish Acoustic about all types of acoustic panels or about the insulation process at lower budgets to provide acoustic solutions.

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