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Now you can learn Salsa dancing in


…you can do it in the comfort

of your own home!

Our 20+ Salsa dance lesson videos
are easy, convenient, and versatile.

Each of our dance lesson videos is:

Advanced Course Preview from Image Now on Vimeo.

  • Easy to use– Step by step video lessons will have you dancing from day one!
  • Easy to learn – Our professional instructors teach you Salsa dancing one step at a time and you can rewind the video as often as you need to until you master each step perfectly!
  • Both iPhone/iPad optimized – Take your video dance lessons with you wherever you are and watch them on either your iPhone or your iPad!
  • Cheaper than any ballroom dance class – You won’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn to dance Salsa like the pros!
  • These 20+ Salsa video dance lessons are unique
    and are GUARANTEED to teach you Salsa dancing
    faster and better than ANY conventional dance
    class. Here’s why:
    • Learn a new step on each video – You can learn Salsa one step at a time without having to try to keep up with the instructor or with students who might learn faster than you do.
    • Zoom in on the fine details in each video – Each video show the details in slow motion and zoom in for you so you can learn how to do each step like a professional dancer.
    • Burn each video dance lesson onto a DVD – you can practice anywhere there’s a DVD player. Whether you want to practice in your living room or in the privacy of your office, you can take your video dance lesson DVD with you wherever you go.
    • Pay no high fees – Don’t worry about paying costly, monthly tuition to a dance studio because once you’ve invested in the 20+ video Salsa dance lessons, there’s nothing else to buy.
    • Rid yourself of rigid schedules – You don’t have to worry about being in a certain class at a certain time and for a certain number of times each week because you can take Salsa lessons anytime you want, from anywhere you want to take them!
    • We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to impress your dance partner. Now, you can learn Salsa dancing at your own pace, at your own place, and on YOUR time schedule.

    Our professionally
    taught, video dance
    lessons are taught
    in five different
    English Spanish French German Italian

    So, no matter who you are or where you’re from
    – even if you’ve
    never learned a single dance step before –

    You CAN Learn To Salsa Dance Quickly And Easily And You Can Do It In Just Three Weeks…

    ONLY $97, now: $47

    Click here now

    and start YOUR three week journey to becoming a great Salsa dancer
    Instant Complete Access

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    We are so confident about our method that we apply a

    60 Days Money Back Guarantee

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